Monday, August 8, 2011

El Tiempo


August is a month in Peru's winter, and usually the weather during the winter is around 60 degrees. It is very humid in Lima, and for this, the temperrature can seem even cooler. In the homes, there is no air conditioning or central heating. The cold even comes through the floors, and for this- I would advise any travelers coming to Lima during the winter season to pack accordingly. Bring slippers, warm clothes, even coats. Many of the Peruvians like to keep their head and neck covered as well with hats and scarfs (It is a common thought among Peruvians that by keeping your head and neck covered and warm, you can prevent colds and sickness).
During the night, there is usually some wind, especially the closer you get to the coast. Although it never really rains, during the winter, it is almost never very sunny.

But today- it is a different story!
It is 70 or 75 degrees out and completely sunny! Although this is rare during the winter months- I'll take it. The weather is BEAUTIFUL outside! I started my day with a long run around one of the countless parks here in Lima, and am ready to walk around and explore more of the city in this gorgeous weather!

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