Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Compras! Shopping!

Everything in Peru seems very cheap compared to in the US!

You can ALWAYS bartar the prices. Usually they are not even listed.

The manner or process for shopping is different. Peru has a recent past of theft within stores. Shining Path. Now the stores are set up to where you go in and look around. In stead of personally grabbing what you want and taking it to the counter to pay, as is customary in the US, in Peru you tell the sales associate what you would like to buy. From there, you can ordinarily negotiate a price. Once a price is decided, you will go to the counter and pay for the item. You will be given the receipt and with that you can go back and pick up your item to leave the store. This is the process in almost all stores with the exception of large department type stores (in which, most of the items are bought and sold in the same way the US does, but many of the larger or more expensive items are paid for first, then carried out).

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