Thursday, November 3, 2011

Fun Events to Attend in Lima

Lima is the capital and largest city in Peru. With that, there are countless fun activities and events that take place in Lima. Here are some of the things that I would recommend attending while in Lima:

1. Mistura: A gourmet food festival which took place in August! The best chefs from all over South and Latin America come and prepare their best dishes, while the public can come try all the food! Come with an appetite!

2. Vino Expo: A wine and pisco tasting festival which took place in September. After the ticket, everything inside is free to try, and many of the bartenders at the expo also show off their skills by making fun mixed drinks.

3. Concerts: Lima hosts countless concerts for every type of music. I was able to attend some big-names at the National Stadium here, but my favorite concerts that I have attended have been the free ones put on in places like the Plaza del Gobierno in downtown Lima.

4. Octoberfest: A festival in Lima (Obviously in October) with plenty of beer, bratwurst, sausage, apple strudle, leiderhosen and traditional German and Polka music. A very fun experience that I would recommend to any visitors.

5. Movies/Theatre: There are countless theatre and movie options available to attend. Many are free and put on by cultural centers and the different embassies around Lima. Also, if you are looking to keep up with cinema, the movie theatres in Lima have 2 for 1 discounts on Tuesdays.

6. Karaoke: You will notice that karaoke is a common thing in Lima. This is a fun activity and adds to Lima's nightlife. The karaoke bars are a bit different in that instead of having a stage, most of the bars allow you to pick the playlists and sing with a group or alone while seated at your table.

7. Museums: Like theatre, museums are countless and many are free. The majority of Lima's museums are located in downtown and there is a lot to learn about the history and culture in each of the different museums.

8. Dinner Show: In Lima, there are many different cultural dinner shows that one can attend. I went to a dinner show at the Sharaton Hotel in Lima. The show included a performance of singing and dancing and was very entertaining, but the best part was the FOOD! There was a buffet of all types of peruvian dishes and desserts. I had nearly 5 helpings of dinner and then 6 desserts. It was some of the most increible food I have ever had.

9. Parasailing: You can go parasailing in a number of different places around Lima. I would recommend going to Miraflores if you are interested in parasailing. You can parasail along the cliffs of the coast and the veiw is amazing.

10. Surfing: Surfing is very common in Lima and you can get surfing lessons for a great deal. If you walk along the beaches in Miraflores, you can find lessons for 50 soles (less than $20) and this includes a wet suit, board, private 2 hour lesson, and then you keep all the equipment as a rental for the entire day to perfect your skills after the lesson.

11. Soccer Game: Soccer is the most popular sport and I would recommend going to a game if you get the chance. I went to the Peru v. Paraguay qualifier game in Lima and the experience was incredible. Peru won 2-0!

12. Senor de los Milagros Parade: During October, Lima celebrates a religious holiday for Senor de los Milagros with a week-long parade and festival. This is a CAN'T-MISS experience if you are in Peru in the month of October!

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