Thursday, October 6, 2011

Student Life

If you are studying in Peru, you will notice that:
1. Copyright laws really are not that big of an issue. Teachers don't often expect you to turn in any type of bibliography with your papers, and if a bibliography is expected, it is not thorough (maybe just a website's name).
2. Grades are NOT private. Teachers will often announce grades to the class when handing back papers or tests. Students do not seem to mind, and rather than being competitive or even wanting to keep their grades private, students share their tests and papers with classmates to compare answers and grading after they're handed back.
3. There is group work in nearly every class. Prepare yourself for working in groups! Although it's not usually my preference, group work is a great way that I have used in meeting Peruvian friends and practicing Spanish.
4. Peruvian students are very social. They like to get to know their classmates and will often grab lunch or get together in groups after lunch. They are very welcoming and this makes it easy to make friends.
5. Although many students have jobs, nearly all students still live with their parents.
6. Classes in the university are less organized than we are used to in the US. Teachers may not give out a syllabus in Lima, and the teachers that do, will often divert from what is on the syllabus. After having 2 months of classses, we are not exactly aligned with the schedule in most of my classes.
7. Students and teachers are VERY HELPFUL! They appreciate having international students in their classes and want us to have the best experience possible. Teachers are very understanding (especially with the language barrier-even in classes taught in Spanish) and students are always willing to help when they are needed.
8. Grades are on a 20 point scale, rather than out of 100 as in the US. In Peru, 10 and above is passing. 20/20 is rarely given. Expect this difference when coming to Peru.

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